Do you want to get your child into a prestigious grammar school in the UK?

Read below to find out how simple it is to get your child to pass the 11+ exam and get a grammar school offer without needing to try many unreliable,costly options to get there

I'm here to help you prepare your child for the 11 + exam. Starting now.

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Your guide through the 11+ Journey


Hello, I’m Rob – An 11+ exam trainer and consultant

Been working with parents with well educated backgrounds wanting to get their child into a good grammar school in the UK for more than 12 years. Starting in 2006 when the 11+  industry itself was in its infancy , I still have on my bookshelves the very first copies of the resources used today , you could say that I know my way around this highly difficult  process.    

” First edition of the 11+ English workbook,2006″

All clients of mine have faced the same issue you’re now facing, It’s quite common but most parents are unaware of the fact. It only hits them around April that they need to do something about it. 

You’ve  probably gone to the learning centers to test your child’s learning abilities, and you’re confused why all this work your child has done has not amounted to anything , their skills are exactly where they were months ago or have gotten worse and time is running out , the deadline for the test looms over your head.

But I can show you how easy it is to change your path and redirect your child to getting absolutely excellent marks on this exam

During my early days I figured out that  personalized learning to each student is what matters the most. all the resources I had and worksheets I used couldn’t have the same effect…

As creating a learning path that is custom built for the child that gets them relaxed and ready to perform their best on the day

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Here’s the exact steps I use to get you a grammar school offer

1. Diagnose Issue and Set you up with a Workbook

First we’ll , zero in on what the issue is and specify the subject based on what your child is struggling with the most and give you the workbooks or get you the workbooks you need in order for your child to improve in the subject , these subjects include english , math , verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

2. Adapting To Learning /Subject Mastery

During this time , I adapt to your child’s learning patterns, if things are going well we go deeper so they can challenge and push themselves and if they aren't doing well we go back and make sure your child is learning the subject. And if you want to I can teach the entire curriculum if you think your child needs it.

3. Test Training

Once your child is good with the subject matter we work together to train for the 11+ plus test. 6-8 weeks before the exam we put a time factor and look to do it to the time required. And then check for accuracy and where they are not on target , finally working on the mindset of your child so they can relax on the day of the test and perform their best.

4. Further coaching and getting the offer letter

Coach you through to make a list of schools in preference and give advice to certain schools you can visit , and recommend you to a parents network that could shed light on how school's function so you know more about the school your child is going to . And when National Offer day comes expect an offer letter in your email.


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